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Drain inspection cameras (aka pipe inspection cameras or sewer cameras) have revolutionised the plumbing industry, allowing plumbers to see exactly what’s happening inside of underground drains and pipes without the need to physically inspect them. Plumbers can identify defects in the pipes, determine the cause of blocked drains and recommend accurate solutions for drain problems in an affordable, non-invasive way.

There are a wide range of CCTV drain inspection cameras on the market. The main difference between different models is the size/width of the pipes they can inspect and the distance they can travel - based on the length of cable they’re attached to.

All drain cameras are capable of recording video footage and taking photographs of the inside of pipes. This information is then transmitted back to a display monitor where the plumber can observe the inside of the pipes in real-time.

These high-tech cameras are very small and are attached to a flexible cable designed to go deep inside underground sewer and stormwater pipes. Using a flexible cable permits for more improved mobility inside pipes and sewer lines. The professional will be able to see all the parts of the pipes and lines, even the corners. This is the most basic and traditional way of sewer line camera inspection.


NEXX Plumbing specialise in drainage plumbing, including CCTV drain and pipe inspections. We have invested in the latest cameras on the market that have the capacity to inspect all kinds of pipes in your home or business. Our team can provide you with a written report accompanied by video footage of the entire inspection.  For more information about our services email us today or call today to receive a free quote.

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